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School Council

Telford Junior School Council 2021-2022


Year 3 – Harry and Harriet (Beech) Harry and India (Ash) Spencer and Hana (Chestnut)

Year 4 – Milo and Evelyn (Lime) Tom and Lottie (Elm) George and Amaia (Hazel)

Year 5 – Jacob and Esme (Oak) Joe and Lola (Pine) Barney and Isabelle (Maple)

Year 6 – Oscar and Lauren (Redwood) James and Rosie (Willow) Blake and Mei (Spruce)

We would like to introduce you to this years School Council. Each member has been elected by their classmates using a democratic voting system. The School Council represents pupil voice at Telford Junior School. they hold discussions in their classes and then feed back in our monthly meetings. 


For our first meeting, the School Council met with our School Governors and Mrs Bingley (Forest School Leader). We are adding to the role for the School Council, as they will also become part of Mrs Bingley’s Climate Change Action Group, where they will discuss and put into action ideas to make Telford Junior School more eco-friendly. This work is on the back of the ‘Greenshoots Grant’ obtained via the Parent Association from Warwick County Council.


Team Telford Live on BBC Coventry Warwickshire Radio


This week, Team Telford have had some very exciting visitors at Telford Junior School. Their first visit to school was on Monday 7th February. Some of our school councillors and Miss Herbert met with the reporter and he asked them questions about our school. Please see the link below to listen to that clip. 

Then on Wednesday 9th February, the reporter returned to meet again and do a live broadcast in the play ground. He met with three of our school council team and Miss Herbert. Please see below the live broadcast. Please listen from 2:41:40 on the clip. 

It was a really exciting morning for us. Please see the photos below to find out more. 

Keep checking back for more!