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Admissions Policy

The Board of Governors of Telford Junior School applies the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend the school. Schools are bound by the Department for Education's School Admissions Code and the School Admission Appeals Code (see links below).

Aims and Objectives

We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.

All applications will be treated on merit and in a sensitive manner. The only restriction we place on entry is that of number. If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we follow the procedure set out below  to determine whether a child is offered a place. It is our wish to allow parents/carers the right to have a place at the school of their choice. However, this is not always possible, due to the excess demand on available school places.

The child's ability or any special needs plays no part in the admissions policy of the school.


To apply for a place at Telford Junior School, please follow the link below to Warwickshire School Admissions. There is also a link taking you directly to 'Applying for a Primary School Place'. 

Admission Appeals

If your child is not offered a place at the school, it is because to do so would impact on the education of other children, by allowing the number of children in the school to increase beyond the school's capacity.

If parents/carers wish to appeal against a decision not to offer a place, they can do so by applying to Warwickshire Local Authority. An independent appeals panel then meets to consider all appeals by parents/carers who have been refused a place and who wish to appeal against the decision. An appeals panel’s decision is binding for all parties concerned. If the appeals panel decides that the school should admit a child, then we will accept this decision and continue to do all we can to provide the best education for all the children at our school.


  • Details of appeals arrangements are set out by the Department for Education in the 'School Admission Appeals Code' (see link below).
  • In order to appeal for a place at Telford Junior School (if your child has not been offered a place), please follow the 'Warwickshire School Appeals' process via the link below.

New Admissions Policy for September 2025 (following the school joining the Elm Tree Multi Academy Trust)