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Year 5

Spring Term:


This term we have begun by looking at Simple Machines such as Levers, Gears and Pulleys before moving on to investigate other forces such as friction and air resistance.

Year 5 taking part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch

Year 5 Pulleys Day January 2023

Uploaded by None on 2023-01-11.

British Science Week - Work in Y5 - Martian creatures and 'A scientist like me"

Autumn Term:


At the start of the new year, Year 5 started their science journey by looking at the Earth, Moon and Sun system. Children learned about our changing understanding of the shape of the Earth, a feel for the size of our Solar System and Universe, as well as looking at the causes behind day and night as well as the seasons. Finally we observed the apparent shape of the Moon changing and had a fantastic visit from Mr Allen with his mobile planetarium!

Well done all on a fabulous learning journey so far.