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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


The school is using Padlet pages (an online portal) to share curriculum and home learning information with families.


Below you will find the Padlet link to the Year 5 information page.

Year 5 Remote Learning for January/February 2021

Welcome to Year 5


The year 5 classes are Maple, Oak and Pine. 









Reading Ideas for Year 5

Reading is an important part of all children's development. Here we are proving a list of books, which have previously been sent out to you. Please see below. 

What are common exception words?

Common exception words are words where the usual spelling rule doesn't apply. Some of these exception words are used frequently, so children are introduced to common exception words in different year groups. You will find below words lists for Year 1and 2; Year 3 and 4 and lastly Year 5 and 6.


We have made these available for you to see, so you can share these with your children but also allow you to see what types of words children are being asked to know at each stage. The children should be able to read and spell them. 

Year five Mummification instructional video


This year, Mr. Thomas, Miss. Thompson and Mr. Fox decided to try their hand at mummification. 


Disclaimer: No teachers were harmed in the making of this video 

Your guide to mummification!

                   Year 5 Visit to Selly Manor. 


All of the children in Year 5 went on a very exciting visit to Sell Manor in Birmingham. This was to bring to life their learning and develop their understanding of the Tudor period for their History topic. 


Y5 Visit to Selly Manor

Design and Technology

Tudor Houses


The Year 5 classes measured and designed their nets, which they cut out to assemble their Tudor houses. This Technology activity, with cross-curricular links to the children's History studies, involved measuring of lines and angles in the construction process.

Tudor houses insipred by the visit to Selly Manor and their History work.

Week 5 of Spring Term saw all the Year 5 classes having an exciting week exploring angles and using their protractor skills to measure and identify a range of angles and patterns!