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Year 3

Roman Soldier Training

This Spring term in year 3 we are learning about the Romans. The children were keen to learn more about how and why the Roman army were so successful at invading Britain. We learnt about the armour the soldiers wore, the vigorous training they went through and how they had a strong and well organised army. The children were keen to learn more, asking super questions and sharing some knowledge about formations they had read about and so we decided to put some Roman soldier training to action! We made our own shields, before working in teams to see who was organised and disciplined enough to win the battle! This involved listening to each other, following directions from our leaders and helping each other to be the best soldiers we could be. Lots of skills but a whole lot of fun too!

School outing to Sarehole Mill to learn more about

the Stone Age to the Iron Age

This week in year 3, we have enjoyed putting on our wellies and heading out for the day to learn more about what life was like in the Stone age to the Iron age. There was such excitement as we boarded the coach to head to Birmingham. We looked at artefacts that taught us a lot about how the first humans would have lived. The children shared fantastic ideas about how they made and used the early tools from clues on the artefacts we looked at. We worked in tribes to build some simple shelters from sticks, rope and animal skins, and played a game of hunter gatherers! After a refuel for lunch we then headed out to a local bog in the woods where we learned about a historic site that was found there. Here they would have used the river and a stone age bath to heat the water to create a steam room. This would help to keep the stone age people clean, but also keep disease away. It was fascinating. We collected some natural materials in the wood before returning back to the mill to create our very own cave paintings, using what we had collected as our tools for painting. It was a day full of facts and fun, and the children wowed us with their knowledge and skills. Well done Year 3! 

Year 3 - Displays and Home Learning