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Year 3

Autumn Term Physical Education Year 3 2021


Outdoor Physical Education Lessons




For the first part of our lessons this year, we have started learning about Outdoor Adventurous Activities. Using all the new training we had received from the 'Cross curricular Orienteering' team, we have used this new learning straight away!


It helped us set up key skills at the start of the year:

  • Map Reading, 
  • Orienteering technique, 
  • Team work and tactical thinking, 
  • Fitness technique. 



The children know what a key is and its importance. They have developed spatial awareness of symbols by transferring information on a diagram into reality. Then they understand the physical skills needed for orienteering: agility, balance, co-ordination whilst holding or looking at the map. To learn these skills we had great fun with the activity 'Silly Faces'. 



Flamenco Dancing