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Year 3

Autumn Term 2021

We have been busy this term looking at how packaging is made. We unfolded existing packages to look at the nets they were built from. We discussed why certain shapes may be used for different purposes before trying out some of our own. We looked in particular at different graphics that may be used to appeal to different audiences. 


Our task: To design the packaging for a Christmas treat that could be sold in shops in the build up to Christmas. We had to think about who the product would be for, what information needed to be on the package, and finally design and construct our exciting Christmas products. What do you think? Would you have been tempted to buy our Christmas treats?

Harvest LIVE

To celebrate the harvest this year, we were invited to join a quest to collect a host of ingredients, learn all about them and the people responsible for producing them in a live lesson from the NFU.  
During the quest, we took an online visit to an arable farm, dairy farm and cheesemaker to meet the people involved in producing the ingredients and learn all about them. It was very interesting to learn all about the processes involved in the journey from harvest to our plate. The children asked some super questions. We were also lucky enough to witness a baby calf being born live from the dairy farm. Totally unexpected but very special to see this young calf make it's entrance to the world! This lesson links to our Design Technology curriculum focusing on the following Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet.
  • Prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques.
  • Understand seasonality and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.

Autumn Term - Perfect packaging

Year three were put to the task of producing some fancy Christmas packaging to sell confectionary ready for Christmas shoppers. Having looked at various nets and other packaging boxes already found in the shops we came up with an eye catching design that would entice any buyer to pop one in their basket!

In fact, a member of staff from Marks and Spencer told the children that they were of good enough quality to not look out of place on their shelves. High praise indeed. Although a little fiddly to secure, the children came up with good ideas how this could be improved next time round. 


Spring Term - Up up and away

Despite being in lockdown for most of the Spring term we adapted plan s a little upon the return with some work based around Journey by Aaron Becker. Inspired by the imaginative story, the children chose to create their own hot air balloons. After researching how the very first hot air balloons were built and adapted over the years, the children used papier Mache to make their own colourful designs, experimenting with materials best suited for attaching the basket and moulding the balloon itself. 

Summer Term - Cooking delicious Spanish Empanadas

The children have loved putting their cooking skills into action this term, when designing and making their own Empanadas to take home and share with their families for tea! Linking across the curriculum this term from our Topic on Spain, and our love for all things Spanish - including learning the language itself, to an English unit looking at traditions and famous Spanish people, we chose to create a Spanish dish. Firstly we looked at seasonality - finding out what that means, and when foods are at their best in our country. We learnt that not all foods can grow in England and so we looked at the different counties where different foods come from.