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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 for the academic Year 2021 - 2022.

Please scroll through to find a taste of what we have been getting up to so far this Autumn term. We started the year with a 3 week unit on Harry Potter before moving on to our topic of the Stone Age. Not even half a term in and we have learnt so much already.. and had lots of fun as you can see!

School outing to Sarehole Mill to learn more about

the Stone Age to the Iron Age

This week in year 3, we have enjoyed putting on our wellies and heading out for the day to learn more about what life was like in the Stone age to the Iron age. There was such excitement as we boarded the coach to head to Birmingham. We looked at artefacts that taught us a lot about how the first humans would have lived. The children shared fantastic ideas about how they made and used the early tools from clues on the artefacts we looked at. We worked in tribes to build some simple shelters from sticks, rope and animal skins, and played a game of hunter gatherers! After a refuel for lunch we then headed out to a local bog in the woods where we learned about a historic site that was found there. Here they would have used the river and a stone age bath to heat the water to create a steam room. This would help to keep the stone age people clean, but also keep disease away. It was fascinating. We collected some natural materials in the wood before returning back to the mill to create our very own cave paintings, using what we had collected as our tools for painting. It was a day full of facts and fun, and the children wowed us with their knowledge and skills. Well done Year 3! 




Just like Harry Potter finds himself in new surroundings at Hogwarts, we too have adapted to new staff and a school setting as Year 3 settle into the Junior School! As part of our learning we had our very own Magical potions class, where we had to make some potions, before writing up the recipes. The children all had fabulous ideas. Some of potions will make us laugh uncontrollably, others make us invisible or even disappear altogether. We had such fun getting creative and a bit messy, but it made the writing far easier having made our recipes first. 

Chestnut class enjoying their Year 3 Magical Potions day!

Ash class making magic happen!

Getting to grips with place value

We have been enjoying lots of practical activities and number games to get to grips with place value. The children have been able to represent three and four digit numbers in different ways such as partitioning, part - whole models, bar models and drawing representations. It has been great to see the children's enthusiasm in mathematics, and perseverance when attempting some tricky challenges. Well done Year 3!  



In PSHE we read a story about a bag of worries. The story told us about a child who let their worries build up until they were carrying them around with them everywhere they went, and in the end it really began to weigh them down. We shared how our own worries can make us feel, and talked about things we could do to help. As a result, we now have our very own bag of worries in year 3. The idea is we can write down our worries and pop them into the bag.  An adult can then talk to us about our worry and sometimes this is enough to make us feel better. It helped us to know that just like the story, we all carry worries at some time. Sharing them with a friend or an adult really can help. 


  Year 3  2020 - 2021


The school is using Padlet pages (an online portal) to share curriculum and home learning information with families.


Below you will find the link to the Year 3 Home School Partnership Padlet for the academic year 2020 - 2021

Year 3 Remote Learning for Spring Term 2021

Welcome to Year 3


The Year 3 classes are Ash, Beech and Chestnut.

Their classrooms are all situated along the Y3/4 corridor, leading from the Y3/4 playground.







Reading Ideas for Year 3


Reading is an important part of all children's development. Here we are proving a list of books, which have previously been sent out to you. Please see below. 

What are common exception words?

Common exception words are words where the usual spelling rule doesn't apply. Some of these exception words are used frequently, so children are introduced to common exception words in different year groups. You will find below words lists for Year 1 and 2 and also Year 3 and 4. These are so you can see words they should be mostly confident in.


We have made these available for you to see, so you can share these with your children but also allow you to see what types of words children are being asked to know at each stage. The children should be able to read and spell them. 

Y3 Christmas Performance

This year the children performed Bethlehem B & B

Y3 visit to the Think Tank in Birmingham

In March Year 3 visited St Mary Magdalene Church.
In March Year 3 visited St Mary Magdalene Church. 
In our English lessons we read lots of Traditional Tales. We wrote about them and did some Art work too.
We enjoyed our first swimming lesson at the Allan Higgs Centre in Coventry.
In History we have been finding out about Stone Age times.
Year 3 took part in a Stone Age to Iron Age workshop.