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Teach Active

'Teach Active'  is an on-line resource which we have subscribed to for a number of years. It is a way to deliver Maths objectives through physically active learning, either outside or in the hall.

Teaching in this way helps to increase the children's engagement with and enjoyment of Maths, alongside improving their physical and emotional health.


Read some of the comments below to see what our children think of Active Maths.


Year 6

"Active Maths is good because you work as a team and other people can help you learn the Maths skills."

"It helps me know what to do before I try to do it in my book."

"I think it is good because some people like sport and Maths and you get to do both."

"I think it is a lot more fun than just sitting down in the classroom."

I like it because it helps with my learning in a different way."

"I love Active Maths because you get to run around and it's fun."


Year 3

"I find Active Maths really fun and I think it is a good way to get your brain working for maths!"

"I really like Active Maths as it is my two favourite subjects together: being active but still learning Maths at the same time."

"I enjoy Active Maths as it isn't my favourite subject but it makes Maths more fun!"

"Active maths is really fun. We get to do things like running around to find numbers, then working in little groups to put them in order from largest to smallest."


Year 4

"Nothing is better than Active Maths because you are doing Maths and being active at the same time!"

"Active Maths gets you warned up and ready for your Maths lesson."

" You can burn your energy off and be smart at the same time."

"It helps you to have a healthy body and a healthy mind."

"I like it because it is a different way to do Maths"

"Exercise keeps you going and makes learning fun."

"You play games and learn Maths at the same time."

"You don't notice you are learning!"

"You don't always have to write things down!" 


On 6th October, Elm class used an active maths lesson to learn about place value and what digits mean. The children worked together as a team to work out which digits need to go in the correct place value columns. We had lots of fun and the children to describe what they learnt well. 


Some children said 'I learnt that you can have number more than thousands and I can use that in my work now.'


'Instead of going from thousands to millions, I know there is a ten thousand column and a hundred thousand column.' 

Hazel class making arrays and learning about the relationship between multiplication and division.