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Sports Days

Telford Junior School Sports Day


At Telford Junior School we organise our sports days over two days: Years 4 and 6 on the first day and Years 3 and 5 on the second day. This allows all children to experience competitive and non competitive sporting events.


Firstly, the children take part in a circuit of events including, tri golf, shuttle relay, long jump, obstacle race and foam javelin. Years 3, 4 and 5 are organised into their house groups and work around the circuit with the support of Year 6. The Year 6 are in charge of running the events and are the team leaders for the groups as they go round.


The second part becomes more competitive, as the children are involved in sprint races, a team relay and long distance races.


It is all good fun and all the children get involved.  Parents and family members are most welcome to come and watch and support their children. We look forward to seeing you there!