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Sporting links with other schools

Telford Junior School is part of the North Leamington Cluster of Schools. The cluster consists of 9 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. In working together as part of a professional learning community the schools are trying to achieve the following aims:


To identify and share expertise, strengths and resources across cluster schools to improve provision and develop learning opportunities for learners.

To promote collaboration and develop new relationships for staff and learners across the schools through innovative projects.

To provide effective professional development opportunities for all staff to support personal, school and cluster development.

To ensure effective communication of local information to parents and provide opportunities for family and adult learning and parenting support.

To develop cluster approaches to school business management and outsourcing of supplies and services.



The North Leamington PE Cluster, is a very successful, long running cluster. Each term, we meet to work on developing the work in each school and to develop a sporting timetable of competition at a variety of levels. 


The cluster activities include handball, a dance festival, table tennis, a multi sport athletics event. This allows a variety of children to take part in these events.