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Fluency in Maths is about developing number sense and being able to the most appropriate method for the task at hand and to be able to apply a skill to multiple contexts.


At Telford Junior School we help children to develop their fluency in a number of ways:

    Learning multiplication and Division facts

    We ensure children have a secure understanding of what multiplication means by gradually building up their knowledge and skills over time using a variety of resources and activities.  Children are tested regularly on their multiplication and division facts and are rewarded with badges, stickers and certificates.

    Learning and practising written methods of calculation

    It is essential that children become confident in their use of arithmetic and secure and efficient with using methods of calculation. Children in each year group use the 'Fluent in Five' resources which allow for regular, quick practise at using their arithmetic skills.

    Methods of Calculation

    The following policies show the progression through the main methods of calculation for the four number operations that we use at Telford Junior School. 

    Lower Key Stage Calculation Policy

    Upper Key Stage Calculation Policy

    Using Mathletics

    Mathletics is an on-line resource that we have been using at Telford Junior School for a number of years. The children are set fluency activities to prepare for upcoming topics or to consolidate previous learning. It is used at home and at school and the children work to collect points which translate into certificates. There is fierce competition between classes to see who can get the most points!

    Mental Arithmetic Tests

    Throughout the school, children are taught and then practise mental arithmetic strategies. Regular tests allow the children to apply these strategies within time-limits. This is another way that children become more fluent in the use of their skills and knowledge.