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Art Subject Lead: Jenna Evans (Year 3)

Year 4s new art topic this Autumn is Romero Britto.

Check out their amazing artwork in the Year 4 Art section.


We aim to encourage, inspire and challenge children to apply the knowledge and skills which they are taught to create their own works of art, craft and design. There should be balance of discrete skills sessions and opportunities for children to apply these skills in imaginative work. In so doing, we provide valuable opportunities for exploration and self-expression within a safe, controlled environment. Art is an enjoyable, accessible and holistic means for all children to develop and deepen their understanding of all subjects across the curriculum. 

Children are introduced to a diverse range of great artists, designers and craftspeople both historical and contemporary, and are encouraged to evaluate their work and to form their own opinions and ideas, responding both verbally and in writing. As a result, children begin to identify staring points for their own work and apply their developing skills to achieve their intentions. Children are also encouraged to evaluate their own work and the work of their peers in the same way, identifying areas of strength and making informed and constructive suggestions on ways in which the work could be improves or altered. 


Over the key stage children will experience the following:

• To create sketch books and record their observations and developing skills, and to use them to review and revisit ideas.


• To improve their mastery of art and design techniques with a range of materials including: 

  •  Drawing: pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastel
  • Painting: colour mixing, tints/shades, different tools for paint application
  • Sculpture: clay, Modrock, textiles, modelling, papier mache.


  • Learning about the life and work of great artists, architects, crafts people and designers both historical and contemporary. 


  • Art is taught as part of a half-termly theme.
  • Children also have opportunities throughout the year to create artwork for specific purposes - an example of this is our 'Journey' project which takes place in the Summer term.
  • Children study artist's and designers from a range of time periods, countries and cultures.
  • Lessons art taught in a sequence with a focus on building towards a final piece.
  • Children are taught the language of art and are encouraged to use this within lessons when talking about their own and others work.
  • Children are supported in using a wide range of media.
  • Skills are taught and developed across year groups.
  • Autonomy and creative are encouraged and developed as children progress through the school.
  • Art and design is joyful, interesting, creative and relaxing.


The impact and measure of this is that the children at Telford Junior School will leave here with a secure understanding of the 8 elements of Art and Design - Exploring and Developing, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Collage, Textiles, Printing, Work of Other Artists - and the ability to appraise their own and other's work. They will have developed the ability to think critically about their own and other's work. They will be more autonomous in their decision-making and will be able to apply this to the wider world. Children will develop a love of art and creativity which will enable them to explore the world and and showcase their interpretations of the world around them.

Whole School Art Projects

Whole School 'Journey' Project 2021

In the Summer term of 2020-21 the whole school took part in a project about the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. Each year group planned a sequence of work based on the images. Children were able to determine their own learning by choosing topics to focus on e.g. air travel. As part of the project the children also took part in a writing and art competition. One star artist was chosen from each year group. 

If you are interested in art, here are some places to visit locally.